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Jarmila asked...

What could be the cause of my ankle joint pain?

What can be the cause of now almost chronic ankle (inner side) joint pain. Xray and MRI show no problem. I did have a bunion operation over 40 years ago and it has grown back but doesn't bother me and isn't that big. Could the way I stand cause the ankle to push inward and thus result in the pain. The specialist I went to could not diagnose and prescribed Celebrex which I really do not wish to take. I'm wondering if I have the bunion operated again, the way I stand on my feet would be different and maybe the pain will go away?

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The answer

It is certainly possible that the way you walk or stand could be affecting another area of the leg such as the ankle. If an MRI scan has not shown any evidence of arthritis inside the ankle joint it would suggest that the pain is coming from elsewhere, such as the soft tissues (e.g. ligament or tendon).

A physiotherapist (or a podiatrist) is good at the assessment of the joints and feet. If there is an imbalance, sometimes a shoe insert or some exercises to strengthen certain muscles can really help. I would recommend trying these options first before risking surgery that may or may not help the pain.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down


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