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Jane asked...

I've been diagnosed with shoulder impingement.

I've recently been diagnosed with shoulder impingement, which is causing me quite a lot of pain and limiting my freedom of movement.

It's probably caused by years of being carelessly hunched over a laptop. Will exercises help, or is it too late to remedy the situation? I was fine until a few months ago!

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The answer

Shoulder impingement should be assessed by a physiotherapist and the appropriate remedial exercises given to improve the function and mobility within the shoulder joint. You may wish to discuss with your General Practitioner the need for corticosteroid injections, because these may be beneficial in reducing the inflammation within the joint. These two interventions may provide a considerable improvement in managing your shoulder impingement syndrome.

If the shoulder impingement continues or is severe, then surgical operations can be performed. One such surgical technique is arthroscopic subacromial decompression. There is rarely a requirement for this procedure to be performed, but current research appears to suggest that it improves the clinical outcome of impingement syndrome successfully.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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