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Jessica asked...

I have a random swelling in my foot.

I have random swelling in my right foot along with some discoloration, there is no pain unless i'm on it for a long period of time.

This is the second time it has happened and both times the redness and swelling moves up to almost the middle of my leg below my knee and there is a reddish colour and has swollen big enough to make my ankle too stiff to move up and down normally, it feels like my foot is asleep.

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The answer

Thank you for your question concerning the swelling in your leg. It would be useful to know how many days you have had these symptoms and whether it has been examined by your GP?

Are you a healthy weight and do you do any exercise? Do you work and spend long periods of time on your feet standing still? Have you had any recent full term pregnancies? Have you had any previous surgical intervention in your leg or accidental injuries? Any insect bites or travel abroad?

These questions would help to direct you towards making a decision for diagnosis with the appropriate clinician via your G.P.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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