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Michael asked...

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My son (he's 27) broke the terminal phalanx in his big toe about 3 weeks ago. It is still really painful. Is this normal? The hospital buddy taped it and we have continued to do this. Is there anything else he can do to speed recovery?

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The Answer

It is quite common for broken bones/fractures to be painful for 6 weeks and sometimes longer. The big toe plays an important part in walking and everyday activities therefore is in continual use. Taping the toes together is a form of splinting the bone allowing healing to take place. Keeping a healthy diet without smoking or drinking alcohol will help the healing process. Ensure you rest the bone as much as possible to allow healing to take place.

If however you are concerned about the amount of pain he is in it is advisable to see your GP or follow-up in a minor injuries unit or fracture clinic local to you if this is available.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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