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Harvey asked...

Injured my knee playing football.

Basically I was playing football/soccer today and I went to put a foot in for a tackle and landed on my knee awkwardly and suddenly I heard and felt something click bad and I just fell on the floor in some of the worst pain I have ever experienced.

Though after 30 seconds it started feeling much better and after a minute I could get up and walk/run again which doesn't make sense cause I felt like I really damaged something.

I had a slight limp when walking for a day or two but nothing too serious. Its happened once before and the exact same occurred. It's my right knee and feels very tender on the left side.

Could you tell me what happened to it? And if it's any injury I should get checked out etc?

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The answer

As you may know, knee injury is common while playing sports. From your description, it sounds possible some damage may have occurred to your knee as it has not settled since the incident.

The injury you have sustained could be minor- like soft tissue injury of the ligaments, cartilages or meniscus, or more serious such as a tear in those areas. Sometimes the bone can be affected however the pain would be severe in these situations and the individual is not able to put weight on the affected leg if a fracture occurred.

I would suggest you see your doctor or visit a Minor Injury Unit in your area so they can examine you. Once seen, they can diagnose your injury and give advice on the appropriate therapy.

Sport injuries do take from a few days to few weeks to improve, pending on the severity of it, so I hope you will get better soon.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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