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Emma asked...

I suffer with Raynaud's & depression.

Tags: Depression

I suffer with Raynaud's and depression which may be connected to the aches I get in my legs. Sometimes without an awful lot of exersion I can feel so tired that it is actually really uncomfortable to stand on them and I feel the urge to sit down (which is usually inconvenient). I feel a particular ache in my left left which definitely feels vascular (I do have a varicose vein in this leg) I get a short stabbing pain in my thigh and my knee can have this dull ache). It gets me down (sometimes I am so tired I feel like I am walking through treacle. I know this is a lot of information. I wanted to ask you I was taking a one a day tablet which contained a variety of ingredients including starflower oil and evening primrose and unfortunately ferrous which made me severely constipated but I believe one of the contents really helped. Would it be magnesium? I hope you can point me in the right direction... self help or otherwise. Thank you very much in advance.

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The answer

Varicose veins can cause the leg to ache but this would normally just be around the area of the varicose vein itself and not in other parts of the leg. Without any history of injury the stabbing pain in the knee is more likely to be the result of a knee problem, with arthritis being the most common cause.

Spinal nerve root compression in the back can also cause pain down into the legs, this is often associated with some back pain too. It is common for chronic pain to start up a vicious cycle of tiredness through deconditioning. Chronic pain syndromes and general illness can lead to depression too.

It is difficult to know which of the supplement ingredients made you feel better, although it is possible that iron may have boosted your blood count if you had previously been iron deficient. Magnesium deficiency is also a possibility but a blood test would be needed to prove this. 

Unfortunately, a side effect of iron is constipation, although that can normally be corrected through increased fibre and fluids. Given the symptoms you describe I feel further investigation is indicated so would recommend making an appointment with your GP.&

Answered by Dr. A. Wright.


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