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Omar asked...

Tags: back pain , injury

I fell on my back and now it's painful near my rib/pancreas area. It hurts when I bend left, right or back but forward is ok. Over strech and I feel a twinge there. Any suggestions?

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The Answer

Your injury suggests that you have created a muscular skeletal injury (a soft tissue injury). Your fall has created an impact injury to your  muscles, fat and connective tissue in this area of your body. The cartilage between your ribs may also be involved and your bones have also suffered from the impact of the injury, there may also be internal bruising (a contusion).

Because your rib cage moves with your breathing and your whole skeleton is moving, you will be feeling pain and discomfort for a longer period of time. We would suggest the use of either oral or topical analgesia (pain killers,) as a home remedy to begin with. In a mild soft tissue injury, your symptoms should improve within 4 weeks. If you have developed a severe soft tissue injury then it is possible for your symptoms to last 12 weeks or more. Please use analgesia regularly, for as long as your pain persists.

We can only suggest for information purposes what is happening to this area of your body; as we are unable to diagnose a condition.

Please see your General Practitioner, if you are unhappy with our suggestion/information and that you feel your injury does not appear to be a ‘soft tissue injury’.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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