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Katie asked...

I recently broke my ulna and radius.

I recently broke my ulna and radius by being kicked by a horse, I had surgery and had 2 plates and 12 screws put in.

I was in a cast for just over 2 weeks, this has now been removed and wanted some advice on the next stages.

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The answer

It sounds as if your accident was only a couple of weeks ago, so you’re still at the early stages of recovery.

How long it will take to recover completely depends on lots of factors including how healthy you are generally, how much strain you normally put on your arm during day to day activities etc. For this reason, your orthopaedic team are best placed to give you advice on how fast to proceed and what to do. 

It is very important not to put too much strain on your arm while the bones are healing – the pain from a broken arm usually goes before the bones are completely healed, so being pain free doesn’t mean activities as usual. However, it’s equally important not to allow your joints to stiffen up and your muscles to weaken by resting too much for too long.

You should have been referred to a physiotherapist to help you with exercises both while you’re having your sessions and between sessions. Doing exercises really regularly gives the best chance of a full recovery but you can expect it to take 3-6 months for this sort of injury to be completely back to normal.

Answered by Dr Sarah Jarvis.


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