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Nicholas asked...

I have plantar fasciitis i have tried exercise and are now using arch support but still have pain in the arch of my left foot mostly ,its been like this for over three weeks any suggestions ?

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The Answer

Plantar fasciitis is a frustrating condition of the foot which results in pain around the under surface of the heel. It is caused by micro-damage to the attachment point of the connective tissues on the inner aspect of the heel, either through a bash on the heel or a strain through exercise. The symptoms tend to be worse first thing in the morning and after sitting resting.  In most cases the symptoms resolve within 6 weeks but a small proportion of people go on to struggle with chronic plantar fasciitis.

Lots of treatments have been tried over the years including cortisone injection and even surgery but the evidence suggests that the most effective long term solution is correction of foot posture through the use of insole supports and appropriate foot stretching/strengthening regimes.

I would suggest you persist with the arch supports if these have been correctly measured for your feet. If the supports have not been custom made I would recommend seeing a podiatrist either through a NHS referral from your GP or a private referral which is likely to be much quicker. Advice from a physiotherapist as to the most appropriate exercises/stretches would be helpful too.  

Answered by Dr Alistair Wright.


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