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Janet asked...

I have pains in my shin.

I have had pains in my right leg, principally the shin, for some time and this is now manifesting itself in my left leg too. I have had both hips replaced, the first some 10 years ago, the second two years ago.

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The answer

Pain in the shin or tibia is often called ‘shin splints’. In your case it could be caused by a few things. Poor muscle strength, stability or balance could be contributing.

I think it would be very sensible to be seen by your doctor to find the cause of the pain. Examination can exclude a serious problem such as reduced blood flow. A physiotherapist may also help by assessing your posture and observing you walking. There may be something simple that could help reduce the pain, depending on what is found, such as a shoe insert or exercises to strengthen the leg muscles.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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