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Bryan asked...

I have pain across the top of my foot.

I have pain across the top of my right foot and have had for a while, I went to my doctors and had x-rays and blood tests done, the results showed that I had a low B12 count and that I had some wearing down of the bone in my big toe in my right foot.

I have been told that it is nothing to worry about but the pain can be quite severe in my foot at times, I also have what looks like bruising on the top of my right foot around the area that is sore, I haven't banged or twisted my foot and I intend to go back to my doctors, in the meantime I was wondering if this was something that is common?

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The answer

The medical term for ‘wearing down’ of the bone is called osteoarthritis. It is a common condition that affects the joints, mainly affecting people over the age of 50. It can occur in younger people if a joint has been previously damaged or injured.

There is no cure for this condition but it can be managed with painkillers, physiotherapy and sometimes surgery in severe cases. You may also benefit from wearing very comfortable shoes that don’t aggravate the affected area.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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