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Lisa asked...

I have had back pain my entire life.

I have had back pain my entire life and back in June I hurt my back quite badly just from doing housework, I was in serious pain for over 1 week where I couldnt even go to the bathroom on my own. I even had to go to the a&e as I was in so much pain at work I couldn't move or stop shaking. I suffered badly for 8 weeks and I am now still very stiff and suffering from the aftermath of limping for that long and I struggle to move normally. My doctor says she would refer me if she did referrals which she doesnt so all I have is a letter where she says for my private healthcare insurance I get via work can feel free to help me. What do I do? I cant afford any other treatments without getting the insurance to help. I dont know where to turn to get a referral now.

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The answer

When you see your GP and you need to be referred for further investigation or treatment, you need to decide if you want to use the NHS or go privately. If you decide to go privately you need to organize that appointment yourself at the private hospital of your choice.  Your GP will give you a letter to take with you to that appointment. You can either pay in cash or your insurance company can pay. If you want the insurance company to pay, it is always best to check that the doctor or hospital you have chosen is covered by your insurance policy first. If you are still unclear, you need to speak to your doctor again to clarify what to do next. Really hope the back gets better very soon.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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