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Ruth asked...

I have degenerative disc disease.

I have been diagnosed as having degenerative disc disease and my neuro surgeon has booked me in at Fawkham Manor for a Lumbo Sacral discectomy and facetectomy.

I need to know what the recovery process might be (the surgeon is on holiday at the moment) and I am anxious about the procedure.

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The answer

Recovery generally takes between 4 to 6 weeks after this kind of operation depending on whether you are having the surgery microscopically or having an incision.

Unless instructed otherwise early mobility is encouraged and the Physiotherapist will give you regular exercises to do in hospital and when you get home. Regular pain killers will help ease the discomfort and make mobilising easier for you.  However, after your operation the consultant will have a better idea of how he would like you to proceed as this can differ from one patient to another.

Once you have had your follow up appointment the consultant will then be able to advice you when you can return to work.

Answered by Health at Hand Nurses.


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