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Don asked...

I am experiencing muscle strains.

Although I am 51 I keep myself fit & healthy but of late, even though I warm up and stretch well, I am experiencing muscle strains and pulled muscles in my legs. Can you tell me why, please?

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The answer

Firstly, it is good that you are warming up and stretching, but the problems you are experiencing could be due to a number of reasons. It could be that you are perhaps over-using certain muscles, so for example by doing one particular exercise all the time, this can cause imbalance in the muscles and we can start to incur injuries.

So if you do lots of running then swap one run for a swim, or if you do lots of cycling, swap one bike ride for a walk. This will still help keep up your fitness levels and will balance out any over-trained muscles. Also try doing a Pilates or yoga class as this is a great way to realign your body and muscles, and of course as important as it is to warm up and stretch, always cool down, and for your stretches at the end spend an extra 10 seconds on each one.

Answered by Lucy Wyndham-Read.


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