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Amanda asked...

How can I support my partner after a hip op?

My other half is going to have a hip replacement on the 5th December. He is 28 years old and due to having perthes diease and the deterioration of his hip he needs to have this done. I was wondering if you have got any tips or advice for him and for I - in regards to looking after him, how can I support him? I understand that this is going to be quite a long journey to total recovery.

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The answer

An abnormality of the blood supply to the growth area of the hip in childhood caused by Perthes disease can inhibit the normal development of the hip, leading to early arthritis.  

Normally replacement of the hip at a young age is discouraged as subsequent hip replacements do wear out, although the modern hips are expected to last much longer e.g. 15-20 years or more depending on the level of activities. Revision hip replacements are more difficult but in the case of advanced arthritis with significant pain and dysfunction there may be no other option than to consider a first hip replacement at a young age.  

At the age of 28 your partner should recover relatively quickly from the surgery but he will need assistance with dressing e.g. putting trousers/socks on and with mobility for at least the first week. Early mobilisation after hip replacement is encouraged and, with the help of physiotherapy, his mobility should rapidly improve after this point, although it will take a few months before he feels the full benefit of the replacement.
Answered by Dr A Wright.


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