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Steven asked...

Tags: back pain , bones , joint

I have been getting aches and pains in my body inside my back, they are worse at night. They are getting worse all the time now.

I am waiting for xray results, but dont you think I should have a mri scan? I have a big family history of cancer, so I am very worried.

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The Answer

You have already been to see your doctor about your pains and had an X-ray, which is a good first step. This is often the first test to be done following an examination and often some blood tests.

It really depends on what other symptoms you have (alongside these pains) and what is found from the X-ray and other tests. There could be a simple explanation (such as low vitamin D) as the cause.

An MRI scan may be the next step, especially as the pains are worse at night. I am sure your doctor will able to organise this for you if it is needed. You should tell your doctor about your cancer concerns, because your family history of cancer may be relevant. The doctor will hopefully be able to reassure you if nothing serious is found.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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