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Minor stroke and flying

Tags: Stroke

My wife had a minor stroke (TIA) on the 29th December 1015, she has suffered no physical side affects from the stroke and has speech problems and memory issues. We are due to fly to Spain on the 6th March and would like to know if its safe to do so?

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The answer

A minor stroke is slightly different to a TIA in that after a stroke it is common for some residual effects to be left such as speech problems, loss of limb power, memory difficulties ,occasionally mood changes and sometimes bladder and bowel disturbance, generally we would expect to see one or more of these symptoms after a stroke.

A TIA however is a transient, temporary loss of blood supply which usually causes no permanent injury. In terms of flying either your Gp or her treating Consultant will be best placed to decide if she is well enough to do so, they have access to her notes test results and details of any current medication she may be taking as well as her current health status.

This will enable them to make a proper assessment of her safety to fly so a chat with either of them would seem very sensible under the circumstances.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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