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Sarah asked...

I was bitten by a tick in Mexico about 5 weeks ago. On returning home I visited my GP as I was quite unwell (upset stomach) and mentioned the tick bite but no action was recommended. I am anxious that I could have been infected with Lyme's disease (I still feel unwell now with a sore throat). As I understand it, early treatment is best and is only a short course of antibiotics. Should I return to my GP to request treatment as a precaution before more time passes (and potentially increases my risk of more serious complications if I have indeed been infected)? Thank you

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The Answer

Lyme disease can be contracted in Mexico, antibiotics are usually started as a result of history of the illness or development of a rash. Antibiotics can be given for 10 – 28 days. Early symptoms usually include a distinctive rash that can appear within 30 days of tick bite.

Other early symptoms can include flu like symptoms, tiredness, muscle and joint aches, fever, headaches, chills and neck stiffness. If you are concerned we would suggest you follow up with your GP and request a blood test to rule this out.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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