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Your 20s and 30s

Publish date: 01/08/2013

Tags: Diet , Fitness , Nutrition


Your 20s and 30s are an exciting time as you start working and earning, set up home and enjoy life to the full.

Health concerns may not be uppermost in your mind but the steps you take to improve your health now can help you build resilience later on in life.

In these pages, you’ll find tips and advice for good exercise and eating habits for these fun and hectic years.

You’ll also find hints on how to take care of body and mind so you can have a great time without putting your health at risk, plus links to useful articles, apps and factsheets.

Getting the fitness habit early will benefit you all your life

You can eat well even on the run

Adapting well to adult life

Have a great time without risking your health

Should I be thinking about a health check?

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