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John asked...

I chipped the first phalanx on my big toe about 7 weeks ago. I've been back to my doctor who has made an appointment with a 'therapist' but not until the end of January. What is the normal recovery time for this injury? at the moment I cannot run, which I do regularly and feel progress is v. slow. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to help speed recovery? Many thanks.

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The Answer

Chips and fractures to toe joints can vary in recovery time according to the area and type of injury received, as a general guideline we usually allow six weeks for healing however this can vary and full healing can take up until twelve weeks.

In terms of helping with healing some people find using stiff soled shoes can aid both in comfort and support to the joint as it heals, rest remains important with the foot elevated where possible throughout the healing time as well. Any strenuous activities such as sport are recommended to be avoided until full healing has occurred which often is not before twelve weeks.

If you feel however that your symptoms are not improving well then you may like to ask your GP to consider performing a repeat x-ray just to check on progress and to ensure the joint is healing as expected. We do hope this resolves quickly for you and in the meantime try to allow what time is needed for full healing to occur for you successfully.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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