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Lisa asked...

Tags: exercise , heart

I had chest pain so was given an appointment with a cardiologist who detected mild tricuspid regurgitation. I had a normal report back from my 24 hour heart monitor. He said the chest pain was probably muscular as my heart wouldn't be giving me pain from what he saw. He told me I can carry on with exercise but nothing heavy like a marathon etc. He also said he doesn't need to give me any follow up appointments and I can also give birth naturally with no worries.

I have since given birth and it all went perfectly. Although he said I'm ok I'm still worried. Is this diagnosis bad? Is it really ok to still exercise? Does it always mean it will get worse?

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The Answer

We can often have small anomalies with our heart, that are only detected when we feel the symptoms. We can live with these small imperfections quite successfully. In the future you will just need to be aware of any pain or discomfort and report any abnormalities promptly. You should not live your life worried about what may happen just be aware. If problems persist ask for further tests.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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