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I had a stroke 3 years ago.

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I had a stroke 3 years ago which affected my left side, numbness and pins and needles, however recently I am getting hot burning sensations down my left arm, leg and back and now my face, is there need for concern? I cannot find a GP I want to talk to, would be grateful if you could advise me.

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The answer

I wonder if you have developed CPSP (central post stroke pain). CPSP is a type of neuropathic pain which may feel like a burning or stabbing, prickling or numbness on the skin, on the side affected by the stroke. Often the pain is made worse when you are touched, move or put the area of skin into water. It can start days, months or even years after the stroke. It is thought to affect about 8% of people who have had a stroke. There are a few different treatment options available to help with this type of pain.

Anti-depressants can also help because they can change the amount of specific chemicals in the brain and ‘dampen down’ the pain messages. Please do not suffer in silence and see your GP about it. There will be a few things to try that could really help you to feel better.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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