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Mani asked...

I feel that I’m getting more and more anxious about my health

I am always worried about my health , i feel like doctors are lying to me and i am very poorly. this is a viscous circle for me - i avoid going to see doctor but i keep worried abou tmy health, i keep asking question my my family , reading symptoms online and feel like i got all the symptoms in my body. i am sick and tired. what should i do?

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The answer

Health anxiety is obsessional thoughts about our health.  We worry about our present symptoms or symptoms that we may experience.


People with health anxiety may worry about symptoms they are feeling in their body.  Sometimes people with health anxiety  may constantly look  for  reassurance from their friends, family or general practitioner.  Sometimes people managing this condition may read about conditions and feel that some of their symptoms match the condition they are reading or have heard about.


There are a number of causes of health anxiety and these may include:
•    an anxiety disorder
•    depressive illness or  depressive episodes
•    life events such as the death of a loved one, life threatening events
•    having an illness as a child
•    learning how to be a worrier from our family members


•    Talking therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
•    Antidepressants

If you are worried about your health and symptoms a lot of the time then your general practitioner will certainly be able to help.  Your general practitioner  will be  familiar with the symptoms of health anxiety, once he has excluded symptoms that may in fact be a genuine illness. With the correct approach to managing your health anxiety you may find that the quality of your life improves.


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