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Activ8rlives continue health tech development

Publish date: 06/08/2015

HTFrom self-monitoring devices for lung conditions to health tracking apps, Cambridge-based healthcare company, Activ8rlives opened the door to the evolving world of health technology after winning the ‘Manage My Condition’ category at this year’s AXA PPP Health Tech & You awards. 

EyKos, a home-based test that can predict lung infections in those with chronic lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cystic fibrosis, was another step towards empowering patients to self-monitor their condition.

‘Since the awards, we’ve been further developing EyKos to help people keep track of their chronic lung conditions’ says Jessica Auton, Marketing Director at Activ8rlives.

‘Recent clinical trials have been helping us to identify when health is declining before symptoms show, so patients can be treated before it’s serious enough to go into hospital.’

‘Older people commonly have on average over three other long term health conditions, so being able to take control at home is important.’ she adds.

‘We want to help free up space in hospitals for people with conditions that cannot be managed by technology.'

3 more reasons to watch out for Activ8rlives in the future:


  • We’re also developing our medically-certified device called the BuddyWOTCH, which tracks the vital signs and blood oxygen in those with COPD at home
  • The Activ8rlives Health and Food Diary self-monitoring app has undergone a technology facelift too: We’ve updated the app with the aim of it becoming a certified medical device. It’s now integrated with Apple Health so patients can track their own progress, as well as show it to doctors.
  • We’re looking at developing even more uses for the app, such as a women’s health tracker or a diary to help people quit smoking.’


The Activ8rlives 3.0 app is available on the App Store and on Google Play for free, and can be used by anyone, or even used with most fitness and health trackers.

For more information about COPD or cystic fibrosis, please see our factsheets.  Have a question about chronic lung conditions? Ask our experts.


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