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Holly asked...

Tags: skin

What is the best food to eat for healthy skin?

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The Answer

We thank you for your question about the best foods to eat for a healthy skin.

To have healthy skin we need to eat healthily. This means eating a variety of foods and that we should not become too obsessed about certain foods that promote the health of our skin.  In general we can say that eating fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts and pulses help the skin. In conjunction with fruit and vegetables we should be eating poultry, oily fish and lean red meat.  There is some evidence to suggest that eating refined carbohydrates can promote ageing skin, but the biggest causes for  ageing skin is clearly skin damage from the sun and smoking.

Often dieticians and nutritionists will focus on the following food groups, vitamins, fats, minerals and trace elements  for healthy skin: vitamin C, selenium, zinc, omega 6 and omega 3 fats from plants and oily fish.  We should be eating foods containing vitamin e and phytoestrogens from soya and whole grains.  Most people overlook the need to drink water and are therefore dehydrated and it is water that prevents our skin becoming dry and looking tired, especially in air conditioned offices and working outside.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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