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victoria asked...

Tight shins and calves

I have very tight shins and calves, what can I do to help this? What medical practitioner do I see and can I get support from AXA to get it? thanks

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The answer

Tight shins and calves often occur in runners.  Regular running may mean that there is repeated damage to the muscle fibres in the calves or shins. The shins and calves ‘tighten’ in response to this damage and runners are also prone to shin splints. People who do not undertake  physical activity on a regular basis  may also get also get tight shins and calves. Physical  inactivity may  lead to muscle fibres shortening and hence the tightness. There is also an association between calf tightness and woman who wear high heeled shoes repeatedly. High heeled shoes  may result in shortened muscle fibres from the evidence reported in some scientific papers. 

We would suggest that you speak with a sports physiotherapist about the management of your tight muscles. Physiotherapists can organise massages, ultrasound and various stretching exercises to alleviate your tight muscles.  Please contact your Personal Advisory Team at AXA for further guidance in relation to making a claim about this condition.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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