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I recently started wearing contacts again after a break of around 3 months (I wear monthly, toric lenses). I wore them recently for 8-9 hours per day, for around 4 consecutive days but then noticed a slight soreness in the corner of my left eye (towards the ear side). The eyelid at the same corner is a little sensitive and the eye itself has a small red patch where it looks bloodshot. I took my contacts out when I noticed this and have not worn them since. I also put some ointment on yesterday which has helped but the eye itself is still a little watery and red at the corner and the lid still has some minor soreness. I am not suffering from headaches or blurred vision. Should I see a doctor or is it likely to pass?

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The Answer

As a professional not being able to physically see you it is very difficult to assess what might be causing this problem. I would suggest that you seek medical advice for examination and diagnosis by means of your GP or a registered pharmacist in your area. The soreness you are experiencing may be caused by infection eg conjunctivitis, or dry eyes.  

Meanwhile bathing with warm boiled water (ensuring you  wipe the eye from the nose outwards and then discard the wipe/cotton wool ball each time) may help prevent the symptoms worsening.  I would also like to suggest that in the meantime you also take care with makeup, cosmetics and perfume as these can irritate the eye and spread infection sources. It would also be a good idea to ensure that lens solutions and any eye make up are within the use by date and any eyeliner is thrown away.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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