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Robyn asked...

Prolapsed uterus and bowel

My mother has a prolapsed bowel and now, after several months of GP visits, her uterus has now prolapsed. However, my mother can no longer move, she has so much pressure in her back that she is bed ridden all day everyday. She is on tramidol and liquid morphine. Her surgeon keeps postponing her operation and I'm really becoming concerned with her mental state, I believe she is close to giving up. Please help.

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The answer

We are sorry to hear that your mother is having such a difficult time.

Pelvic organ prolapse isn't life-threatening, but it can affect the quality of life indeed. In your mother’s case, it seems that the prolapsed bowel and uterus affect her very seriously.

I wonder why the surgeon has postponed the surgery? Are any other medical conditions your mother suffers from? Serious medical conditions such as cancer, previously abdominal surgery, heart or lung disease are taken in consideration prior surgery, being considered major risk factors.

I would suggest to discuss with the specialist or her GP about the current situation. They should be able to clarify the reasons for postponed surgery and also alternative treatment, if any, suitable for your mother.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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