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Pregnancy and stomach pains

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Hi, I have just turned 11 weeks pregnant (estimated) and today I've had shooting pains in my lower stomach and am still getting them now. I'm pregnant with my second baby and I have never miscarried. I'm quite worried as I've never felt this before and I'm thinking the worst. I also have a home Doppler and I can't seem to find the heartbeat? Is there anything I should be worried about or am I overthinking the worst?

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The answer

Congratulations on your pregnancy. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing pains in your lower abdomen and we do hope this information will reassure you.

Abdominal pain can occur due to a number of reasons including:- the abdominal muscles stretching, changes to your pelvic muscles and the possibility of an urinary tract infection. Abdominal pain is not necessarily a sign that you will miscarry.

In pregnancy you have many hormonal changes and these can affect your muscle tone in particular those around your abdomen and pelvis and sometimes women can experience discomfort as this happens particularly as the baby moves.

Signs of urinary tract infection which again can occur during pregnancy, can include urinary frequency, stinging on passing urine and also abdominal and back/kidney pain.

A sign of miscarriage often is bleeding accompanied by abdominal pain and cramping.

As this is your second pregnancy due to changes in your body you often show earlier.

We would encourage you to see your GP or midwife as soon as possible to rule out any complications or infection. We would suggest taking Paracetamol to help ease pain as well as perhaps a hot water bottle to make you feel more comfortable.

In relation to trying to monitor the baby’s heartbeat we would strongly suggest that you do not try to listen to the heartbeat. The reason why we recommend that you do not try is because at 11 weeks the heartbeat is very hard to find as the baby will be positioned under your symphysis pubis. We also recommend that you do not try to monitor the heartbeat as it is hard to interpret what is a normal rate.

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