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Phyllodes tumour

Please advise whether a phyllodes tumour, which is growing, should be removed?

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The answer

Phyllodes tumours are rare and they are usually found in the breast. They can be non-cancerous (benign), cancerous (malignant) or borderline (not yet cancerous but likely to turn cancerous. These tumours are very fast-growing, and can increase in size in just a few weeks. Most of the phyllodes tumours are benign and borderline. These types of tumour are commonly treated with surgery. The outlook for the malignant phyllodes tumours is usually very good too. The treatment involves surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I would recommend this link for more info:


The medical literature suggests that surgery is recommended for phyllodes tumours. You do not indicate which stage of investigation you are at at the moment.

I would recommend discussing the treatment and management with your specialist or your GP. They should be able to advise based on your personal circumstances what will be the best treatment option for you.

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