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Scott asked...

My 3 year old has developed a rash...

My 3 year old has developed a rash in random places on her body. She doesn't have a temperature and is not showing symptoms of being tired. Looking on the internet they look like they could be shingles or measles?

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The answer

It is always difficult to diagnose the cause of a rash, even with the aid of pictures. There are so many possible causes, including viral and bacterial infections, allergic reactions and skin complaints, but it is encouraging that your daughter does not appear to have a raised temperature or displaying unusual levels of tiredness. 

I recommend that you book a G.P. consultation in order to achieve a diagnosis; even if no treatment is required other than symptom management, it is always useful to know what the cause was and if there are any implications for contagion.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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