Summer Living: June 15

Publish date: 25/06/2015

Summer Living  with David Staff
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, Fri 19 Jun


Cookie06 asked:
What do you make of quorn products for the BBQ?

David Staff commented:
Hello there. Quorn is a great non meat product with low saturated fat content. A good product to use with other flavours as it will take up the flavour of other products. Any more quesitons please ask.


AXA PPP healthcare asked:
Hi David we have a question from Twitter - can you ask him if lower kcal beers are better for you than normal beers. Thanks #askdavid

David Staff commented:
Hello there. Lower calorie beers tend to be lower in strength also, which is no bad thing. Clearly we need monitor overall units so please take this into consideration when making your choice. Lower calories isn't everything. If you are monitoring calories clearly this can be a step in the right direction but it really is just one of the factors.


AXA PPP healthcare asked:
Hi David, another question from Twitter - hi, I am on hols in Italy this summer and I am gluten free, what can I eat whilst out there?

David Staff commented:
Hi there. Actually a mediterranean diet doesn't need to be tweaked too much to be gluten free. Clearly there all the fresh fruits and vegetables available also rice, beans and lentils too. You may not be able to go for every bit of lovely pasta or pizza available but lots of establishments now will cater for those who need, or prefer 'gluten free'.


AXA PPP healthcare asked:
Hi David from twitter again - Im taking my neice on holiday which is the best sun cream factor to use, she is only 8 years old.

David Staff commented:
Hello there, in terms of sunscreen with children they need maximal protection. The higher the factor the better really, and remember lotions lose strength with age. If in any doubt visit your local pharmacy.


Anonymous465 asked:
There's so much good food at BBQs - I don't want to miss out on anything! Are there any hints to help me control my portion size at BBQs or Picnics, while not missing out on any of summer's great flavours?

David Staff commented:
Hi there, that is a good question and I agree there is so many great options at a BBQ. A few good tips include having as much colour as possible on your plate. That way you will also have lots of different food groups. Don't just go for the meat. Good BBQ's are often the ones when someone has prepared some great fish and vegetables to compliment the meat. There is no reason why anyone can't enjoy a good BBQ but have lots of variety, try lean meats, have loads of colour and your on the right lines. You could also experiment with different meats and marinades and also good fish choices such as Monkfish. Sometimes quality over quantity helps too.


AXA PPP healthcare asked:
Hi David another - Hi i am gluten free and looking for easy lunches to take on the go over summer as i can no longer go and quickly buy a sandwich do you have any simple suggestions?

David Staff commented:
Hello there, those that are celiac and can't tolerate Gluten is becoming more common. The substitute products and ranges available are quite extensive so it should really have too much of an affect, if you are organised. It clearly is a little bit more difficult if you are relying on convenience. The range of wraps, breads and pitta's that are gluten free are out there, if you do want something for simplicity. Most people who want gluten free really have a very varied diet including lots of fresh produce such as fruit salads, plenty of vegetables (carrots, celery, cucumber dips) and lean protein sources. The internet is also full of inspring idea's. It's clearly not easy but there are lots of options for celiacs or even those just making a lifestyle choice not to eat gluten. 


Cookie06 asked:
Are sausages healthier than burgers?

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