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Darren asked...

Light headed and feel drained

I feel fine first thing in the morning, however as the day goes on I begin to feel light headed, then feel drained and generally not very well. This has been going on since mid June, I've been to the GP and he said my heart and blood pressure were fine and blood tests have come back clear. I can't exercise and have to go to bed early. Have you any ideas as to why I feel awful?

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The answer

We are glad that your general practitioner has run a series of blood tests for you.  The standard blood  tests ordered by your general practitioner would  include: full blood count, liver function tests and thyroid function tests.  The general practitioner may have also ordered urea and electrolyte tests and an analysis of your blood sugars.  These blood tests including a review of your  blood pressure, family history, your age and duration of symptoms.  These factors  will have ruled out a great many conditions that may explain your symptoms.  Some of the conditions that your general practitioner might have ruled  out for you include: diabetes and hypoglycaemia, postural hypotension, severe systemic diseases, heart related conditions, Addison’s disease and anxiety.

We are unable to diagnose any medical condition that you may have but we do appreciate that you still have your symptoms and no formal diagnosis appears to have been made.  We would ask you to check what conditions your general practitioner has ruled out for you, so that you can achieve a greater sense of reassurance.  You may wish to ask your general  practitioner about his desire to refer you to  a hospital based consultant.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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