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Ian asked...

I went down with a very heavy cold

Back at the start of the year I went down with a very heavy cold / bug, feeling very cold etc. Following that for the last 6 months I have had occasions where my back will itch, I get a strange taste in my mouth and on occasion a warm sensation on one foot and one knee! I visited my GP several times and had blood tests for Thyroid, liver function,FBC and something else I can't remember sorry, all of which were OK. I would just like confirmation it is viral which my GP has suggested.

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The answer

 Dear Ian,

Thank you for contacting us at Ask The Expert regarding your problems. I can see you have been having a difficult time. The type of symptoms you are experiencing may or may not be related to each other. For example, sensations of heat in an area of the body can be caused by a nerve over-signaling; this is very often benign and the symptoms usually disappear over time. In addition, although you do not describe the type of taste you are getting in your mouth, this can often be related to poor gum health; inflammation or infection such as sinus infections. If the taste is metallic it can sometimes indicate iron excess or supplementation in use. Sometimes a cause cannot be found and this is known as idiopathic which means no defined reason. With regards to the itching you are finding across your back it might be worth seeing if there have been any changes in soap or soap powders used for washing or if there is a pattern to when this is at its worse. You do not mention a rash associated with this so it is unlikely to be related to infection or viral activity. Overall it is very encouraging that all your bloods are normal and I hope you can see this as a good sign. If there was active viral activity ongoing it would usually have been picked up on these tests. Perhaps ask your pharmacist for suggestions as to what you can take to relieve the itching you are experiencing and if you have not had a dental checkup recently it might be prudent to do so.

I do hope you will find this information of use and I wish you the best going forward.

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