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Headaches and memory problems

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I have suffered headaches off and on for many years with them feeling like a line of pain on the top left hand side of my head as if along the skull line. I have recently also begun to drop things more and more frequently, feel tired a lot of the time have begun to misspell and miss out parts of sentences whilst typing at work and have tingling off and on in my hands and feet and my short term memory is also not what it was before and I forget simple items and repeat myself to people frequently not realising I have told them this before. I am becoming more concerned as they are now coming together and I had previously put them down to stress. I have also just moved house so need to register with a new doctor in the area which is why I have asked here for advice first.

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The answer

Symptoms such as clumsiness, loss of concentration and focus and tingling in the hands and feet are often caused by stress and lack of sleep as you have rightly thought as are headaches. The type of headache you describe may be caused by tension in the upper neck and shoulders and this is known as a tension headache. 

There are various ways of tackling the physical effects of stress but first it is important to have a proper diagnosis. House moving in itself is known to be a time of considerable stress and I’m sure you’re pleased to have finished moving. Under the circumstances it would be very sensible to register with a GP who will be able to give you a thorough assessment and diagnosis as to the cause of the problem before beginning any treatment or interventions to help. 

You can find a GP by using the NHS choices website and entering your postcode. A good assessment will hopefully allay any concerns you have regarding your health and will also be able to rule out any other underlying causes.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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