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Alexandra asked...

Why is my stomach aching?

Tags: Pregnancy

Why is my stomach aching? It's been aching for the last 2 days. Paramedics are not helping. Visited doctors twice and just layed on the bed moaning. I am a girl, 18+. Its not periods or menstrual cycle. Help! It's aching all around my stomach. A constant moderate stomach ache.

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The answer

There are endless causes of abdominal pain, because there are so many organs in the stomach cavity.

Many pains are centred around one part of the stomach but ‘radiate’ to other parts of the stomach, so you may feel pain all over but have the most severe pain in one region. For instance, pain in the bottom of the abdomen in the middle can be caused by urine infections or come from your womb (including period pains); pains to one side of the lower abdomen can be caused by problems with your bowel or your ovaries; in the bottom right may be related to your appendix; in the top at the middle are often due to inflammation of the stomach lining (everything from ‘indigestion’ to a stomach ulcer); in the top right may be caused by gallstones. These are only examples – there are far more. For instance, if there is any chance whatsoever that you might be pregnant, your doctor would want to exclude an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy outside your womb), which usually causes severe pain on one side of the lower abdomen with slight vaginal bleeding.

Other clues your doctor would consider is whether you have other symptoms (e.g. burning and stinging when you pass urine, blood in your urine, diarrhoea, feeling or being sick etc.). Examining you fully also gives many clues as to the cause of the pain, and your doctor may also need to do urine or blood tests to be sure. For that reason I can’t give you any idea, from what you’ve said, which (if any) of these might be the cause.

I suggest that if one of the doctors you saw was your GP, you make another appointment or ring them to ask what they thought was going on, why they came to that conclusion and what you could expect in terms of recovery. Clearly if your pain is very severe or getting worse, or you have other symptoms, you should see a doctor again.

Answered by Dr Sarah Jarvis.


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