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What is the likelihood of a safe cure for MS?

What is the likelihood of a safe cure for MS, nuerologists are reluctant to give advice or guidance, we are confused by pres releases giving potential remedies.

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The answer

It is natural to want to believe any press releases offering potential cures for illnesses such as MS Neurologists can only treat patients when they have a treatment that has been tested vigorously and proven to work. It also needs to be cost effective and safe, so that no harm is caused to the patient. In the UK we have the NICE guidance (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) that guides doctors about what treatments are safe and effective.

If a cure was found for MS that was safe, neurologists would be the first to know about it and would not hesitate to offer it to their patients. Neurologists are specialists in MS. They are highly trained to read all the literature and research, so they can make decisions about the results before advising patients. Until then, we must wait and continue to hope that one is found.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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