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cardio or weights asked...

Tags: weight

Hi there, What is best to do to lose weight? Cardio or weights? thanks holly

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The Answer

Dear Holly,

Thank you for your question. Both cardio and weights can be beneficial when trying to lose weight alongside a balanced and healthy diet. Cardio aids fat burning by increasing the calorie requirements of your body and this encourages the body to obtain these from stored fat. Weights are used to build and tone muscle, muscle carries the additional benefit of increasing the basal metabolic rate meaning that energy in the form of calories can be burned more quickly which aids weight loss. It’s worth bearing in mind that some people find whilst they do not appear to be losing much weight when they are weight training their shape improves and dress size drops, this is because muscle itself is fairly heavy but excess fat is being lost. Many people find a combination of both cardio and weights works best for weight loss and provides a balanced exercise regime. You might also like to have a chat with a personal trainer, such as at your local gym, as to your specific weight loss goals; they should be able to help provide a personalised training plan based around both these goals and your current level of fitness. I do hope this information will help, best of luck with your plans. 


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