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Jeannette asked...

Persistent chesty cold.

Tags: Cold

For 2 months I have had a chesty cold, not the lungs my GP has said, and have had amoxicillin 500 and doxycillin 100.

The chest is getting better, but the tiredness is awful. I sleep 3 hours plus in the afternoon. I have had angioplasties 18 years ago, and worry that this is a cardiac sign, although no angina pain.

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The answer

I am interested to know why your GP was treating you with antibiotics and where the infection was? It may be that he was treating a systemic infection (a bacterium in the bloodstream) in which case whether the infection was within the lungs or the bloodstream both these things would account for the tiredness.

Fighting infection is an exhausting process and especially if you have had previous heart problems. It may be worth discussing with your GP about a chest x-ray and an ECG (electrocardiogram) and some routine blood tests just to ensure that your system is recovering. This will also check your heart function at this present time and attempt to reassure you.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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