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Patrick asked...

My wife gets severe headaches.

Tags: Headache , Stress

My wife has had severe headaches on and off, mostly on, for the last 6+ years.

She has seen two neurologists two or three cardiologists an osteopath and of course several GP's. Nothing seems to help.

She is currently taking, Aspirin (75mg), Levothyroxine sodium (100 micrograms alternating between 100 one day and 75 the next), Metoprolol 50mg, Pantoprazole 40mg, Pravastatin 10mg, and Ramipril 2.5 mg. In 10/2010 she had a PFO procedure. Any help/relief would be greatly appreciated.

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The answer

Neurologists are the correct consultant specialist to see about chronic headaches. They examine the brain thoroughly and can order a special scan to exclude all the serious causes of headaches (such as brain tumours) if they think that could be a possibility.

If your wife has already seen this type of doctor for a thorough assessment, then it would be unlikely that I can offer anything further at this point (and it is unlikely to be something serious underlying her headaches).

Chronic pain disorders are difficult to cure but there are things she can try to help her cope better with her symptoms. Find an understanding doctor to go through all the different types of medications that might help her. She may need to try a few until she finds one that suits her.

She can also try taking other steps to help the pain, such as regular exercise, massage and relaxation techniques. Stress and depression are common factors that are worth considering if this has not been addressed before now.

Answered by Dr EmmaJane Down


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