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Debbie asked...

Tags: blood , foot care , skin

Hi. My 12 year old son was playing basketball on the garden decking wearing just socks (no shoes) on Monday evening. He came in with a large splinter in his foot.
We managed to pull out part of it but the skin appears to have covered it and we can no longer get to it. We have tried needles, tweezers, nail clippers, potatoes and even bicarbonate of soda last night.
I am worried that it will travel into his bloodstream. Can you please advise if it is safe to leave it.
Many thanks.

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The Answer

It is very unlikely that the splinter would travel into the blood-stream, it will most likely stay trapped in the skin. However, the splinter does need to be removed as there is a risk of infection.

I suggest that you contact your GP to get this removed; some surgeries do minor procedures within the practice or they may suggest that you take your son to a local walk-in centre to be seen. If the splinter in quite deep a minor surgery may be needed.


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