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Emma asked...

My scan showed a kidney stone.

I had a scan 3 weeks ago showing a kidney stone. I have then had 1 X-rays and a procedure yesterday where they put dye into my kidneys and the surgeon is happy there is no longer a kidney stone.

This all started 1.1.14. At first the pain was awful but for the last three weeks I have just been left with a nagging pain in the right hand side.

It feels like I am recovering from having been hit in my side. It's not painful enough to take pain killers all the time but it's not going away. After the procedure yesterday I was hoping it would be an end to it. I am not really sure what to do?

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The answer

The procedure you had was to find any stones that may be stuck in your tubes. Luckily none were found, which indicates the stone has now passed through itself.

The residual discomfort you are feeling could be a result of that stone passing and hopefully it will settle now your tubes are totally clear.

If it persists you should see your doctor again, just in case it is something else. I would see how it goes for a few more days, as you may find it goes on its own. If you have a fever or pain passing urine, you should see your doctor asap (as this could be an infection).

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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