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Joseph asked...

My IgA has increased from 5 to 5.8.

In my latest blood test, my Iga has increased from 5 to 5.8 since last year, everything else was normal, should I be worried and should I see a specialist?

Also my PAS has decreased from 1.4 to .7 is this good? I am 64 years old that's all in 1 year.

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The answer

Blood tests need to interpreted in relation to your symptoms and any medical conditions that have been formally diagnosed.

In this instance, we can generally say that an increased IgA (Serum Immunoglobulin) is important in the following medical conditions: biliary cirrhosis, systemic lupus erythematosus and nephrotic syndrome. This blood test may need to be repeated to establish an elevated trend.

The only test we recognise with the abbreviation ‘PAS’, is the Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test (breathalyser Test). It is possible that you are referring to a PSA test, and we would be happy to comment further if you wish to clarify.

We would suggest, however, that you do contact your General Practitioner or Specialist for the interpretation of your results in relation to your medical condition.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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