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Jaccy asked...

I suffered a spinal stroke.

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I suffered a spinal stroke in 2012 and lost control of my bladder and have a superpubic catheter. I now seem to be losing control of my bowel, it was classed as sluggish after the stroke, is this normal?

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The answer

A spinal stroke is where there is a disruption in the blood supply to the spinal cord which may cause damage to the nerve messages transmitted along the spinal cord.

Each person is affected differently by a stroke so your treatment will depend on your individual symptoms. The bowel and bladder functions are most commonly affected by a stroke.

A sluggish bowel can be improved by a regular balance diet, drinking 1.5 litres fluid per day and prescribed medication to aid with faecal bulking and passing of regular bowel movements. Physiotherapy exercises to train pelvic floor muscles could also be of benefit. I would suggest you discuss this further with your doctor.

Answered by Health at Hand Nurses.


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