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Leigh asked...

Tags: diet , digestion

I sometimes suffer from bad diarrhoea which tends to be caused by very spicy food or excess alcohol. I went to the doctors 2 years ago to check it out. They did blood tests and checked my stools for blood. Everything came back negative.

Just had a health screen test where I mentioned this. I still sometimes get the diarrhoea but only if triggered as before...but very rarely happens. I was recommended to have a colonsocopy, even though my previous tests came back negative. I'm 50 and quite healthy - do you think this is necessary?

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The Answer

All your previous tests have been negative, and you have made a connection with your diet with regards to problems you have had.

Therefore you should be encouraged that all is well as long as you are aware of food stuffs to avoid. However if a healthcare professional has suggested other tests be carried out you should discuss this decision with them.

Your Doctors have the appropriate information to be able to advise you on diagnostics and treatment.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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