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raful asked...

I have TB In my spine

Hi, I have TB In my spine And I have back problems from last 10 years Nd I have swollen things near by my spine, and it pains A lot, I am getting chronic pain I my upper back as well if I drive it's getting worse, I am trying to stretch most of the time but it's same. From last ten years, because of that I . Loosing my job, because my employer want me to drive but I cut because of my back, ease help me, thanks. Regards raful.

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The answer

Early diagnosis and aggressive treatment of Spinal TB usually has a good prognosis.

This is medical management, oral medication, and surgery if there is degeneration in the spine and there has been disc collapse which can cause curving of the spine or there has been abscess development. This is usually done in the active phase of the condition for best outcome. You have not specified what type of treatment you received.

If you are experiencing an increase in back pain and have noticed lumps near your spine you do need to see your doctor to have this assessed as you may need specialist referral.

I do suggest you see your doctor to discuss pain medication to control your chronic back pain and possible referral to physiotherapy. If you are concerned about your employment I do suggest you ask your manager to refer you to the company occupational health department to be assessed as your pain levels and activity are causing problems for you and they may need to adapt or change your job within the company.

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