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Sophie asked...

I have suffered with DVT in my leg.

After having my son my leg ached so I went to the gp, I then found I had two dvts in my right leg. I was put on 6 months of warafin which had to be changed to sinthrome as it didn't suit me. I saw my consultant last Thursday and was told I could stop, but now my leg has started aching again. Why is this?

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The answer

I am not exactly sure why your leg has started aching again. If the aching is persistent then it needs to be examined again. I am sure your main concern is that a new blood clot has started to develop since stopping your ‘blood thinning’ medication.

It will not do any harm to see your doctor again, especially if the aching does not settle. If the leg becomes red, hot or swollen you need to see the doctor urgently because this is the sign of a new blood clot developing.

Answered by Dr EmmaJane Down.


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