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Rob asked...

For forty years I have had diarrhoea almost every day, 30 minutes after waking up it's an emergency, I have to get to a toilet as there is no stopping it, doctor implies nothing is wrong, the only time I have a normal poo is if I am ill, say have flu or similair.

My diet is excellent, I eat good food and always have 5+ fruit and veg a day and very little red meat! Fish at least twice every week! My wife and teenage kids have same diet and have no problems. Should I continue to ignore this problem?

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The Answer

We usually assess problems by monitoring changes that occur to our regular pattern. As your Diarrhoea has been consistent for 40 years this is your normal pattern.

The fact that the consistency changes when you are unwell confirms that this is your normal bowel function. You need to drink plenty of fluids to replace the fluid lost in loose stools. Talk to your GP about medications that can help with the consistency and also ask about a stool sample test to ensure you have no infection in the bowel.

Answered by Heath at Hand nurses.


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