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Mary asked...

I have a persistent cough.

I have had a cough, and I eventually went to my gp and was given amoxilcilin 5 day course, it returned 10 days later as I still had green phlegm and was told that the medication was still working.

I felt really ill and returned to another gp and was given a 7 day course I also had a lumpectomomy for a grade antibiotic which was given to treat typhus and sexual diseases which I assume was a powerful antibiotic.

I went on holiday a week later to Spain while the smog was in the UK, I feel breathless when I am going up hill and feel as if I am not breathing to full capacity, this has all gone on for about 8 weeks or more, I cant remember the name of the last antibiotic.

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The answer

As you still have a cough and are feeling breathless after 8 weeks (and you have already had 2 courses of antibiotics) it would be sensible to have your chest examined more closely.  

A chest X-ray may be needed at this point. Sometimes lung function tests are needed, depending on what is found on examination and the chest X-ray. You may have a viral chest infection that is taking a while to clear up, or there could be something else going on.

You have not mentioned if you have asthma or if you smoke (because these things also need to be considered).

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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