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Francisco asked...

I have a pain in my belly.

Tags: Diet , Digestion

I have contentious pain in my belly (about duodenum area or part low of lung right) the pain gets (bigger) when I breathe or move my body and I think that I have more or less pain depending of the food or beverage (my diet).

I've had a lot of tests (endoscopy and biopsy, blood test, urine test, ultrasound) and they didn't find the reason of the pain for now. It is not ulcers neither infection according to the doctor. What could be wrong with my body? What do you recommend? Francisco Gamez

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The answer

There are a number of conditions that would present with the symptoms you describe; however, it sounds as though you have already had many of the investigations we would suggest to diagnose the condition causing your problems.

Have you also had some imaging of the lungs taken? If not, this may be an avenue to discuss with your doctor. The fact no abnormality has shown on the tests you have had is a reassuring sign, as it does not appear to be anything sinister at this stage. However, your consultant will likely want to undertake further tests to find the cause of your symptoms.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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